Lake Deerfield Recommended Vendors

Our residents trust and expect us to deliver the very best. That’s why we are extremely selective in choosing the companies that service our community. We seek businesses that share our commitment to on-time, on-target, and on-the-money customer service.

Each business must meet certain requirements, including verification of insurance coverage, abiding by our vendor agreement, and ensuring that appropriate business licenses are in place. This is essential to ensuring each company will take great care of our residents and their homes.

Feel free to browse their websites, or email us directly with any questions or concerns.

Vendors that need to register with the HOA, please complete this form, and send it to Sentry Management.

Customer Reviews

I’ve been with two other disposal services since living in Marietta, Georgia and none of them compare to American Disposal Services. From their prompt and helpful customer service, to their informative and useful website and newsletters, American Disposal supersedes any other company out there.
American Disposal has done a terrific job in our Georgia neighborhood. American Disposal is professional, responsible, consistently on time, offers a fair rate and has a very informative website. We are well on our way to getting 100% of our neighborhood on board with American Disposal for trash and recycling.
Straightforward and hard-working company. These guys deliver on their promises. I didn’t have any hidden costs. I got some storm windows put in my home and I can’t tell you how much better they are than the old ones. If you’re looking for some hard-working straight-shooters, this is the place to go. Great service backed by great pricing.
Rustin Necessary, America's Best Choice
Professional and friendly in-office staff. Technicians are quick and efficient, yet thorough. This company stands out, giving a great face to an industry, which wouldn’t otherwise be known for customer service and professionalism. The best part…though we are on a monthly maintenance to prevent future pests, our problem is already exponentially better in just a couple weeks! Highly recommend!
Anna McReynolds, Northwest Exterminating
I have used Northwest Exterminating for years – they are the best company in Atlanta, hands down. No other company places more emphasis on customer service and satisfaction than Northwest – and they deliver. My technician – Al – is knowledgable and helpful each time he visits.
Brandon Ansley, Northwest Exterminating
    Northwest Exterminating treats the interior of Lake Deerfield townhomes at no charge. Call for details.