Lake Deerfield Community Rules

These rules are designed to preserve the community’s integrity and property values, protect residents and make the community a desirable place to live.

Please be sure to familiarize yourself with these rules as outlined below.

  • Commercial, stored, unlicensed, and inoperable vehicles are not permitted within the subdivision, with the exception of emergency vehicle repairs or commercial vehicles which are temporarily parked for the purpose of servicing a townhome or property. Any commercial vehicle belonging to a resident must have all advertising covered.
  • All resident vehicles must utilize garage and driveway spaces for personal vehicle parking. Guest parking may be used for guest only.
  • Parking at the pool area is for residents and guests while utilizing the pool between pool hours from 9am to 10pm. After the pool is closed for the day, the area that is designated for pool parking is available for guests until pool hours the following day. When pool season is not in effect, standard parking regulations become effective.
  • If you will be holding an event and expecting numerous guests, please contact Kirk Aspegren know in advance about your event so that parking in the street will be permitted for that time period. After approval, a sign should be posted on your door to notify residents.
  • Guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times.
  • Pool hours are from 7am – 10pm.
  • Please keep the area clean, lower umbrellas when done using them, and have respect for pool furniture.
  • Please leave the restrooms as you would expect to find them. Please check behind your children.
  • No pets are permitted at the pool, no smoking, and no glass containers please.
  • Free WiFi
  • 24-hour camera surveillance
  • Dogs must be on a leash on all common grounds. Please clean up after your dog. There are pet disposal bins located throughout the subdivision.
  • Cats are not permitted to roam the subdivision.
  • Please drive slowly throughout the community, and stop at all stop signs. Keep in mind that there are children at play, residents walking, etc.
  • All decks must be properly maintained (cleaned and stained).
  • If you witness a wrongdoing, please contact Kirk Aspegren and/or any HOA board member. Report any serious incident to the police.
  • Trash and recycle containers must be stored in the garage area except for the scheduled pickup day.
  • All trash containers may be placed in front of the unit the night before the scheduled pickup day and must be returned to the garage area by the end of pick up day.
  • No burning of rubbish, garbage, or any form of solid waste is permitted.
  • Click here for the holiday schedule.
  • Any type of exterior modification to the unit (deck screening/staining, landscaping, front storm door, play equipment, etc.), must first be documented on an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) request form and submitted to Kirk Aspegren. Upon receiving your request, the HOA board will decide to approve or deny the request based on what is best for the subdivision.
  • The common garden area that outlines your driveway (to the right and left of your driveway) will be maintained by the landscapers. If you wish to modify the existing landscaping, an ACC request form must be submitted first and approved. Once modified, it becomes the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain the plants/bushes. If you fail to do so, you may be subjected to fines, and asked to have the area changed back to its original state.

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